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-Paintings on canvas, wood surfaces, metal sheet, on cloth, glass, and leather

-Portraits in pencil, oil-colours, or acrylic colours (from photo supplied by client)

-Pet portraits (from photo)

-Restoration of paintings and frescoes

-Wood restoration, antique frames restored, furniture restored

-Polishing of wood surfaces with shellac



-Pots, jugs, pitchers, for daily use (made with non-toxic enamels)

-Dinner services, (also with personalized pattern) made with non-toxic colours

- Decorations of objects with your personalized logo

-Fancy sweet-boxes

-Decoration of tiles for wall covering or panels

-Light switch plates (different shapes)

-Table lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, etc.


KIMERA  jewels

In a class apart, Kimera Jewels is the limited production of bespoke jewelry made from different materials such as terracotta or metals (copper, brass, silver) and semi-precious stones.

The jewelry pieces are exclusive personal creations, often using simple inexpensive metals, sometimes recycling metal parts and offcuts salvaged from factory production such as sheets or wires. They are worked  with an anvil and hammer and every part is refined by hand.