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I was born and raised in the region of Umbria. My passion for drawing and painting , expressed during my school years, took me to in-depth study of the use of the “chiaroscuro”(light and dark) technique with pencil, and further study of the use of colors. I am a self-taught artist, who did not attend art school, so the depth of my experience is due to passing hours copying ornamental patterns or imitating classical Italian paintings , especially from the late Renaissance to the Baroque period (this age for me shines with an innumerable amount of sublime artists). After years of practice, I have been able to obtain results in the use of oil colors which have been much praised and admired.

I have used colors on cloth, enamel and paintings and all manner of surfaces.

I have worked as an assistant in projects such as fresco restoration and on conservation work, especially reinstating old paintings, in Umbria.

In 1992 I moved with my family to live in Le Marche, where my parents were born, to the small village of Montottone, in the province of Fermo.

When I happened to see someone working on a lathe one day, I had some vivid memories from my childhood in the small village where my grandparents lived. I use to spend hours watching a man who worked in my grandfather's business, observing him working with clay and lathe, amazed that he could, just starting from a simple piece of clay, obtain such incredible shapes of jars and pots. My grandfather had been a potter and his family were too. But eventually he had to change his career because making pottery was no longer remunerative. Those childhood memories, lost in time, were now revived.

I thought, why don’t I go back again to the ancient tradition that  belonged to my family? So I took the opportunity to explore this art, taking lessons and dedicating myself especially to decoration of maiolica. Like every art, talent is not enough - it has required dedication and training - but in the end I achieved results that I believe my grandfather would be proud of.